With so many companies offering Web hosting services and each one of them claiming to be the cheapest and best in the market, it becomes all the more confusing. You see a whole lot of features being advertised by them whereas the fact is that you don’t understand a single word of it! In such a scenario, you should at first have a clear idea as to what are you expecting out of a Web Hosting service provider. It is pretty obvious that a person having a single website or a blog would have different requirements than a person who is running an e-commerce business.  So decide what you want to do and at what scale you want do it and accordingly the hosting category can be finalized. Unless and until, you are not clear about your requirements, you will not be able to evaluate various companies offering web hosting services. Job becomes easier once you have prepared a blueprint and shortlisted the features you are looking for, as then you can compare the costs at which these features are being offered by different companies and decide on the one you want to go for. Cost will always be a constraint so you should first list down the features in three categories:

(A) Must have
(B) Can have
(C) Add-ons

Here we have listed few features which you would like to take into consideration before finalizing any company:

(1) If you are running an e-commerce business, you would like your users to respond back to you via email and for this, your web hosting company should offer an email account for your domains.

(2) For leisure user like the one who is interested in to writing blogs, amount of storage required would not be high but a heavy user would have the larger storage requirements. In such a scenario, choose a provider who has clearly defined the amount of storage space that will be made available to you.

(3) While starting an online venture, lot of times people don’t evaluate the need to have another website but it doesn’t take long before a person wishes to open multiple websites or blog and in such cases one should always go for a company that allows you to host multiple domains.

There are whole host of other features which you might like to evaluate like site uptime, back up frequency, support availability or choice of operating system. Follow the following steps to decide on a web hosting company:

(i) List down all these features under the above three heads.

(ii) Read the fine print i.e. all these companies try to play marketing gimmicks by claiming that they offer unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support and so on but in reality, things are very much different so read the fine print to exclude the options which put certain constraints on your ‘must have features’.

(iii) Verify the flexibility provided in terms of the ‘must have features’.

(iv) For the companies, whose features are matching the ones you have shortlisted, have a look at the other add on features and see if they fit into your can have or add-ons list.

(v) Compare the cost of all the features provided and be ready to drop certain can have or add-ons if the cost is not matching your budget.

(vi) Take the final decision of choosing a web hosting company.

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